What is the difference between the St Edmund’s Swim Centre, AIC Swimming, and CYMS St Edmund’s Swim Club?

St Edmund’s Swim Centre: The Swim Centre runs on an all year-round basis, catering for those swimmers from Ipswich and surrounding areas who wish to compete and represent a club at local, regional, state and national meets. We cater for swimmers of all abilities, ranging from learn to swim to national target squad.

AIC swimming: AIC Swimming covers the pre-season training period from the first week of October, and the AIC lead-up meets, culminating in the AIC Swimming championships in early March.

CYMS - St Edmund’s Swim Club: Our club conducts club nights for anyone who wishes to compete in a fun, family orientated competition on a Tuesday evening during Terms 4 and 1.  As an affiliated club with Swimming Queensland and Swimming Australia, it provides a pathway for members to swim at accredited carnivals.

Who can swim at the Swim Centre?

The program is available to all boys and girls from the Ipswich area and wider community. Students attending St Edmund’s College can participate in the Swim Centre programs free of charge.  Swimmers are encouraged and invited to join the Swim Club – CYMS St Edmund’s where an annual membership fee is applicable. 

Coaches will place children into an appropriate squad based on the swimmer’s needs and technical proficiencies. Each squad has its own training times and minimum requirements.  Please contact the Head Coach at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any further information.

How is the St Edmund’s AIC swimming team selected?

Students who wish to represent St Edmund’s College as a member of the AIC Swim Team will need to meet the following guidelines:

  • Meet attendance requirements for training, Swim Camp and lead-up meets.
  • Participation at Friday night lead-up meets.
  • A willingness to strive for personal improvement at training and lead-up meets.

Selection of the team is by a panel of coaches and teachers.

What are Friday Night Lead-Up meets?

During Term 1, a series of afternoon meets are conducted between other AIC schools in Brisbane. All AIC swimmers are required to attend these meets to post times that will be used for selection of the final team.

Transport will be organised from school to the venue and back to St Edmund’s College.

AIC Swimming has finished – Can I still swim?

Yes, you can.

As mentioned earlier, the St Edmund’s Swim Centre operates a year-round program for boys and girls of the Ipswich area and wider community. Please contact the Head Coach at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

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