CYMS St Edmund's Swim Club

CYMS ST EDMUNDS IPSWICH Swim Club Inc. was established in 1912.  We are based at St Edmund’s College Ipswich with the college providing coaching for our members.

Why Join a Swim Club?

  • Joining a swim club is a great way to make lots of new friends.
  • Swimming is a great way to stay healthy and active. Swimming is proven to help people manage their asthma.
  • Joining a swim club can teach young people important life skills like water safety, commitment, time management, leading a healthy life style, social skills, work ethic and plenty more.
  • A swim club provides a fun and safe social environment for children and their parents.
  • You will have the chance to race against your friends and your own Personal Best (PB) times

As well as being awesome fun, swimming is a great way to make new friends, keep fit and learn new exciting skills.

Click here to see our Age Champion and Trophy winners for 2018/2019



Learn to swim & Coaching is provided by the highly experienced and qualified staff of St Edmunds College Swim Centre Staff. The college offers an enjoyable and healthy learning environment with  a positive atmosphere catering to all levels of abilities and ages. For further information and costs you can contact the St Edmunds College coaching staff by phoning 0421 600 812.

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