Club Nights

Club Nights are held every Tuesday night of Term 4 and Term 1 weather permitting.

Swimming starts from 6 pm and usually finished by 7.30pm.  Younger children in the 12.5m races are usually finished earlier.

Events both boys and girls from 5 years of age.  Each club night there are 12.5m, 25m and 50m races. The club also participates in Swim Meets outside of the Tuesday Nights meets. 

Our club is proud to have had State and National Titled swimmers.

Club Nights are the next step in teaching children about starts for races and how to compete in swim carnivals which is the sport of swimming.

Fun, encouraging and safe environment.

We encourage children to take part in all strokes when they are ready.

You will have the chance to race against your friends and your own Personal Best (PB) times.


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