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What is the difference between the St Edmund’s Swim Centre, AIC Swimming, and CYMS St Edmund’s Swim Club?

CYMS - St Edmund’s Swim Club: Our club conducts club nights for anyone who wishes to compete in a fun, family orientated competition on a Tuesday evening during Terms 4 and 1.  As an affiliated club with Swimming Australia, Queensland and Brisbane, it provides a pathway for members to swim at accredited carnivals. It is open to all boys and girls of the Ipswich area and wider community.

St Edmund’s Swim Centre: The Swim Centre runs on an all year-round basis, catering for those swimmers from Ipswich and surrounding areas who wish to compete and represent a club at local, regional, state and national meets. We cater for swimmers of all abilities, ranging from learn to swim to national target squad.

AIC swimming: AIC Swimming covers the pre-season training period from the first week of October, and the AIC lead-up meets, culminating in the AIC Swimming championships in early March. It is open to boys who attend St Edmund’s college as a school sport.


Why Join CYMS - St Edmund’s Swim Club?

  • Joining a swim club is a great way to make lots of new friends.
  • Swimming is a great way to stay healthy and active. Swimming is proven to help people manage their asthma.
  • Joining a swim club can teach young people important life skills like water safety, commitment, time management, leading a healthy life style, social skills, work ethic and plenty more.
  • A swim club provides a fun and safe social environment for children and their parents.
  • You will have the chance to race against your friends and your own Personal Best (PB) times
  • As well as being awesome fun, swimming is a great way to make new friends, keep fit and learn new exciting skills.


Who can swim at the Swim Centre?

The program is available to all boys and girls from the Ipswich area and wider community. Students attending St Edmund’s College can participate in the Swim Centre programs free of charge.  Swimmers are encouraged and invited to join the Swim Club – CYMS St Edmund’s where an annual membership fee is applicable. Please refer to the CYMS St Edmunds’s Swim Club Tab.

Coaches will place children into an appropriate squad based on the swimmer’s needs and technical proficiencies. Each squad has its own training times and minimum requirements. Please contact the Head Coach at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any further information.


How do I register?
Registration is easy! New families can to come to our Sign Up day (check our website for the date) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.our Secretary Shelley Verrenkamp.

How much does the season cost?
Fees vary depending on age. Please refer to our joining tab.

Where is the CYMS team located?
St Edmund’s Swim Centre 16 Mary Street, Woodend, Ipswich, QLD 4305.

Is the team part of a school?
CYMS St Edmund's Club is a non-profit competitive swim club, associated with Swimming Australia, Queensland and Brisbane, open to all levels of ability. We have use of the pool facilities located at St. Edmund’s College.

What is the Swim Central Membership?
It is required that all swimmers have a current Central Swim membership. This membership not only supports swimming throughout the country, it also provides accident and medical insurance for every swimmer and every club. Each swimmer is covered at any organised practice and at every competition that is Swimming Australia, Queensland and Brisbane sanctioned.

What forms of payment can I use?
Visa, or Mastercard via the Swim Central online portal.

Is there a trial period available?
We offer a free two-week trial for new swimmers in the first two weeks of the swim club season.  Please note that this is for CYMS St Edmunds swim club only and doesn't apply to squad training.  

How well does my child have to swim to join CYMS Swim Club?
Because we are not "swimming lessons" we ask that a child can "swim" one length of our 25m pool safely and without assistance. The stroke does not have to be perfect or even pretty. We will fix that! Younger children who do not have this ability can swim our fun races which are 12.5m with a helper (older swimmer) in each lane these races are not timed.

How long is the swim season?
Swimmers are encouraged to swim all year at the St Edmund’s Swim Centre. Club nights for anyone who wishes to compete in a fun, family orientated competition on a Tuesday evening during Terms 4 and 1.

What volunteer opportunities are there for me as a parent?
CYMS Swim Club is a parent-run, volunteer organisation. We rely on families to participate in our club nights and our committee. These can include:

  • Timing
  • Marshalling
  • Starting
  • Tuckshop and cooking the BBQ
  • Obtaining sponsorships from area businesses

What equipment will I need for club nights?
You will need a swim suit. We recommend a one-piece suit for girls and tight swimming shorts (jammers) for the boys. You will also need a pair of goggles and a swim cap.

Are swim meets required?
Swim meets are not required, but they are strongly encouraged. They are the best way to measure your improvement, and they are lots of fun.

How do I know what swim meets are coming up?
The season meet schedule is posted on our website or push notifications are sent out via out TeamApp.

How do I sign up for a swim meet?
Click on the Events tab in the Swim central portal and select meet you want to sign up for. Notifications are on our website and via the TeamApp

Do swim meets cost extra?
Yes. Fees vary by meet. Posted meet information includes meet fees. Swimmers are usually charged per race a fee of $5.00-$9.00.

How do I know my child is ready to participate in a swim meet?
Your coach will let you and your child know when they are ready to swim at a meet. Meets are a learning experience and kids are encouraged to participate as soon as they feel comfortable.

What is TeamApp?
CYMS runs TeamApp as our major communication tool for the club. TeamApp has push communication from the Race Secretary and the Club Coaches. This is to allow push communication to personnel about specific carnivals, events, etc.

What is the required team uniform?
There is no requirement to purchase the uniform, however we strongly encourage the purchase of the CYMS team swimming cap. Swimmers can purchase a team shirt and jumper. Clothing orders are available at the beginning of each season.

Team App Instructions

Stay up to date with notices via the Team App

Click for here step by step instructions to set up the Team App on your mobile device


What is Meet Mobile and how do I download?

CYMS St Edmunds Swimming Club uses Meet Mobile application (app) to display Club Night meet results in real time as data is received during meets from the timer (one heat at a time).

This allows you to follow your favourite Swimmers & Team - Flag swimmers and/or teams as “favourites” and then easily filter down to see both completed results and upcoming schedule.

Please refer to the instructions on the below PDF document for links on how to download and an instructional video.


Click on the below links to register through Swim Central


New-member Registration Instructions New Family U18 Swimmer

Re-registration Instructions 2019/2020 Season U18 Swimmer

Where do I find Swim Central Resources?

Swimming Queensland have developed a number of short handy videos as well as step-by-step guides to assist members when using Swim Central. You can find these by using the links below, or you can access them from the Swimming Queensland website (using the big purple button on their home page).

Click here to access handy hint videos
Click here to access step-by-step guides

Key reminders for troubleshooting:

·         Refreshing your internet browser (F5, Command R or refresh button) solves most problems;

·         Google Chrome is Swim Central's preferred internet browser (avoid using Safari or Internet Explorer where possible).


How do I Navigate Swim Central?

Link to Navigating Swim Central PDF


Meet Nomination Process in Swim Central User Guide?

Link to Meet Nomination Process in Swim Central PDF


How Do I Impersonate My Dependant?

Link to How Do I Impersonate My Dependant - Step by Step Guide – CYMS PDF

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